All-In-One WP Nearby Places Documentation

Plugin Installation

To install the plugin, first, download the zip file from CodeCanyon and head to Plugins > Add New and upload the zip file. You can read more about plugin installation here:

How to install WordPress plugins

Once you successfully installed the plugin, activate the plugin.

Adding Your Google Map API key

The first thing you need to do, is to setup a Google API key. Please see below article about how to obtain an API Key:

Once you have your API key, head to Nearby Places > Settings and add your API key.

Adding Locations

The next step is to add a location, in order to add a location go to Nearby Places > Locations and add a new location by entering a name for your location (ex: CN Tower). This is your mail location where you want to display nearby places for.


On the details tab, search for your place on the map.

For the map to be displayed properly, you need to add Google Map API key. If you already added your API key and the map is not displaying properly, please check the help centre for torubleshooting steps or contact support.

Add any additional information for the location. Some information may not show up on the site for the early releases. This information will be used in future releases.


On the views tab, you can set the title for "All Categories", you can choose an image and icon for all categories and also show the main location on the map with a custom icon.

Custom Map Style

On this tab, you can use snazzy maps styles to create unique styles for the Google Map. You can also set the language for the map, default language code is en for English. You can read more about these customizations by visiting the help centre.

Adding Categories

The next step after creating a location is to add categories like Hotels, Restaurants, Parks and etc. Visit Nearby Places > Categories and add some categories. You need to add an svg icon for each category, it is highly recommended to use icons from here:

Also, please note that your site must allow svg file upload since these icons are svg icons. Please visit the help centre to see how you can enable svg support on your site.

Adding Nearby Places

Once you created a location and added some categories, it is time to add nearby places. Head to Nearby Places > Nearby Places > Add New and add a new place.


On this tab, you will be able to search for the place and assign a main location and categories.


On this tab, you can add additional details about the place, some info may not be shown on early releases but they will be added in future releases.


On this tab, you can add an image for the place. This image is the primary image that will be shown on the site.

Display Nearby Places

To display the nearby places for a location, you can use the shortcode. Go to Nearbyplaces > Location and copy the shortcode from the shortcode column. Ex: [nearby-places location='cn-tower']

Visit the help centre to see how you can use the shortcode on posts, pages and page builders.

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