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Custom colors are not applied?

Since version 1.6.0 user's customizations (for colors) are written in a custom css file. This file is automatically generated when you modify and customize the widget.

This file is located in .../plugins/advanced-business-hours/css/abh-custom-style.css

If you cannot see your customizations (example, you changed the color for header and it is still the default color), please follow these steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies
  2. Clear any cache if you use any caching plugin (ex: W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, WP Rocket)
  3. Make sure advanced-business-hours/css/ directory has write permission so the custom style is written

Check to see if the custom css file exist by going to this location:

change the website address to your own website and copy/paste the link into browser's address bar

Enable inline loading of the customization

Alternatively, you can load the customization as inline style in the header.

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