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All-In-One WP Nearby Places Version History

All-In-One WP Nearby Places changelog and version history.

Version 1.6.0 February 22, 2023

- Updated packages
- Added website field to the location info [NEW]

Version 1.5.0 January 4, 2023

- Updated packages
- Tested with WordPress 6.1.1
- Fixed small styling issues with Twenty Twenty-Three theme
- Map is now shown on mobile by default
- Reduced the font size for the titles from 28px to 24px

Version 1.4.0 December 4, 2022

- Fixed an issue with map not showing all places 
  when default number of posts is selected

Version 1.3.0 December 2, 2022

- Updated packages
- Added a new `wp-url` parameter to the shortcode where user
  can customize WordPress installation path

Version 1.2.0 October 4, 2022

- Updated packages
- Compatibility check with latest version of WordPress

Version 1.1.0 August 15, 2022

- Added info window to map markers [NEW]
- Added details to info window [NEW]
- Added address icon to places [NEW]
- Updated the overlay shadow
- Updated map click functionality
- Updated packages

Version 1.0.0 July 6, 2022

- Initial Release

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