All-In-One WP Business Hours Version History

All-In-One WP Business Hours changelog and version history:

Version 1.14.0 May 15, 2024

- Updated path directory for loading libraries
- Updated libraries
- Tested with WordPress 6.5.3
- Tested with PHP 8.3
 (This plugin now requires WordPress version 5.8 or newer)

Version 1.12.0 June 13, 2023

- Security updates
- Updated libraries

Version 1.11.0 May 16, 2023

- Updated libraries
- Fixed a bug with PHP 8.1
- Tested with WordPress 6.2

Version 1.10.0 January 14, 2023

- Updated libraries
- Added holiday date format (NEW)

Version 1.9.0 December 8, 2022

- Updated some styling to work with Twenty Twenty-Three Theme
- Added cursor pointer to calendar buttons
- Fixed the Help Centre link not showing up on Plugins page
- Added a new wp-url parameter to the shortcode where user
  can customize WordPress installation path

Version 1.8.0 October 7, 2022

- Added Calendar View layout (NEW)
- Added holidays to the calendar view (NEW)
- Updated libraries

Version 1.7.0 July 21, 2022

- Updated some constants for the paths
- Holiday will display closed all message when marked as closed (NEW)
- Removed timezone from the holiday date which was causing issues

Version 1.6.0 May 28, 2022

- Updated libraries 
- Fixed holiday date format for local languages
- Compatibility check with WordPress 6.0

Version 1.5.0 March 2, 2022

- Added recurring holidays (NEW)
- Added option to display holiday hours instead of regular hours (NEW)
- Display holiday hours in regular hours (NEW)
- Display holiday hours for the past if within the week (NEW)
- Exclude hours posts from search results (NEW)
- Allow for multiple instances of one shortcode in the same page
- Updated style generator link to the new style generator

Version 1.4.0 Feb 2, 2022

- Added the countdown timer for closing hours (NEW)
- Added the closing countdown trigger (NEW)
- Added the custom message for closing countdown (NEW)
- Added custom header date format (NEW)
- Added layout options, vertical (default) and horizontal (NEW)
- Fixed a bug where HTML tags were not supported in the countdown messages
- Updated packages

Version 1.3.0 Jan 6, 2022

- Added the option to choose number of days for upcoming holidays (NEW)
- Added the countdown timer for opening hours (NEW)
- Added the option to format the countdown timer (NEW)
- Added the option to add custom message for the countdown timer (NEW)
- Added two classes for holidays holiday-end and holiday-start
- Updated the main class wrapper for the content
- Updated the language files
- Updated frontend packages

Version 1.2.0 Dec 4, 2021

- Display upcoming holidays (NEW)
- Display holidays before or after the regular hours (NEW)
- Security updates
- New styling (background colors and text colors)
- Use full size image when displaying location info
- Make start and end dates required when adding holidays
- Update the language file
- Fix a bug related to empty holidays
- Fix a bug where date was shown twice if holiday had same start and end date

Version 1.1.1 Nov 17, 2021

- Security updates
- Updated frontend packages

Version 1.1.0 Nov 2, 2021

- Security updates
- Updated assets folder structure
- Added Help Centre link to settings
- Implemented REST API endpoint for the hours
- Implemented new view options in settings
- Implemented loading animation while the data is loaded
- Renamed some constants to avoid compatibility issues
- Dropped twig as template
- Dropped timber plugin from vendor

Version 1.0.0 Oct 15, 2021

- Initial Release

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